Hi, I’m NOEL! 🎄

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today. – Proverb

In an effort to expand on the Christmas Town theme, the Dresden Shines group have planted a young evergreen tree to be used as their Community Christmas tree. Located on the Dresden Anglican Church grounds the tree will eventually be the centrepiece of the Christmas decorating efforts and highly visible on the main street in town. After a few delays the tree has finally taken its place and will grace the town’s festivities for years to come. The tree has been named Noel and the letter attached to its branches details its short history, it reads:

“Hi everyone, my name is Noel and while I may seem small, I have a great story on how I came to be standing in this very spot.

A group called Dresden Shines were looking for a legacy item to commemorate their hard work and that’s when they reached out to our friends at the Dresden Anglican Church with the idea to plant a small tree that would eventually become a community Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy. The agreement was made and plans were put in place to have me planted in early 2023, well it took me a little longer than expected to arrive but I am overjoyed to finally be part of this community.

I am a Cannan Fir tree. Fun fact…fir trees symbolize determination, honesty and the endurance that comes from hope for the future. Fir trees have also been used in Christmas decorations for over a thousand years, so you see…I am the perfect tree for this assignment! I intend to grow to a height of fifty feet, just imagine my view in a few years. It won’t be long before those volunteers from Dresden Shines adorn me with lights and bows and I can hardly wait for that day.

Be sure to say hello as you pass me by and feel free to cheer me on as I continue to grow into my future purpose.