Survey 128 Lot 82 West Side Corner of Metcalfe West and St. George St.

Survey 128, Block a, Lot 82    This lot at the South -West corner of Metcalfe West

 and St George St.  was purchased in 1853 by Black Abolitionist James Charity.

James and John Burkett purchased the land in 1865 and George Pulver erected

 a building in 1874. We cannot be certain this is the same building as pictured below.

A picture of the 1904 flood shows a brick structure here but it is not clear enough to be

 certain this is the same building.

Known grocery businesses were operated first by Sarah and Martha Burkett and

then the Wicks family in early 1900’s.  Arthur’s son Glen Wicks operated it until

 at least the late 50’s. 

The building in 1947 is housing both the

Wicks grocery store and the Dresden News.

Two apartments were on the second story.

When the grocery store ceased operation in 1959, Pegg’s Val-U House operated

from this location until they moved farther south before 1968 flood but the

move proved to not be to safer ground. They soon moved from that location to downtown.


With the grocery store and Pegg’s Val-U House gone, the Dresden News occupied the

whole building.

As yet the date for demolition has not been established but there were not any businesses

 here shortly after the1968 flood.  In 1979 the lot was purchased by Dresden Motors for

 a used car lot.

In the late 70’s and in the 80’s, the Town of Dresden and the St. Clair Conservation

Authority embarked on an ambitious Floodplain Acquisition Programme where

lands prone to flooding were purchased and maintenance eventually taken over by

the Horticultural Society and the Town of Dresden.

In 1984 the Catherine McVean Chapter IODE planted this garden

in the once gravel lot.