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  • Dawn Settlement Walking/ Driving Tour

    Click Here for: Dawn Settlement Tour Instructions Audio Tour: Video Tour: Coming Soon Dresden is home to the world famous “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Historic Site. Josiah Henson inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe’s fictional character “Uncle Tom” in her 1853 novel which later became the basis for songs, musicals, plays and movies. Henson’s association with the novel has tended to distort our understanding of his real life story. Henson’s fame also overshadowed other important Underground Railroad figures connected to the Dawn Settlement. Henson was one great man among many. He was one of a group of men who founded and developed the Dawn Institute also known as the British-American Institute. The purpose of this tour is to introduce you to some of those important figures, viewing sites and artifact buildings linked to them. You will travel around an area which was once the British– American Institute a place of refuge and learning read more

  • Trillium Trail Historical Walk

    The 5.8 km Trillium Walking Trail was constructed by the Dresden Horticultural Society, with sponsorship from the Dresden Rotary, as an exercise venue for walking, biking, and jogging. The Trillium trail encompasses a shorter historical walk of 2.4 km which can be enjoyed without walking the full trail length of 5.8 km. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through Dresden’s old Victorian neighbourhood. Directions: From the downtown Dresden area, walkers can proceed to the Rotary Memorial Gardens to begin one of the three loops included in this historical walk. Click Here To Download the Trillium Trail Brochure  

  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site commemorates the life of Rev. Josiah Henson (1796-1883). Recognized for his contributions to the abolition movement and his work in the Underground Railroad, Henson rose to international fame after Harriet Beecher Stowe acknowledged his memoirs as a source for her anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Henson’s dramatic experiences in slavery and his abolitionist work in Canada helped make him renowned throughout the world. Explore the fascinating Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site and learn about the unique heritage of Ontario’s Black community.

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