Dresden Shines  will be is reaching out to a group of migrant workers from Thailand again this year.   Seventeen men and women between the ages of 30-40  are employed at a local greenhouse. COVID has made it difficult to travel and some of the workers have been away from their families for six years. A volunteer who works with the migrant worker population identified how the workers have felt isolated and would like to be more involved with our community. We worked with our volunteer, who was also a translator to, provide some welcoming activities. Dresden Shines provided Christmas lights and decorations for their bunk houses. Secondly we took several bags and boxes filled with gifts, including personal hygene items, blankets, scarf’s, mittens, hats etc. When the items are delivered we plan to visit and sing some Christmas songs with them.  This year our goal is to include them in a tour of the Christmas lights and to involve them in a decorating activity. 

Last year our translator said the workers expressed gratitude and she said our activities had a positive impact. `The workers felt happy to be included in our traditions and they felt that we cared about them. They were very appreciative of the kindness we showed them and felt that they were welcomed,“ she added. 

Liz Kominek
Author: Liz Kominek