Brighter Together Cup Competition Rules

  1. Participation is open to all personal residences within the boundaries of the Former Town
    of Dresden, Chatham-Kent. Rural entries will be accepted in photo format. All criteria below is
    applicable to rural entrants.
  2. Entry is free, no cost or fees apply.
  3. Registration may be completed as an Individual or as part of a Team. Registration process is
    the same for both categories. Requirements for registering a team are detailed below.
  4. Dresden Individual/Team Entry Applications must be received no later than 5 PM on
    December 1, 2023 either by completing the online form or by paper copy, available at
    McKellar’s Flowers to be dropped off by entry deadline. For Team Entry, a minimum of 3
    residences must be included. All residences on a team must be on the same street provided
    that houses on an adjacent cross street may also be included on a neighbourhood team. Team
    Name must be indicated on the Application Form to differentiate from Individual Entry. All
    registrations will be automatically entered as Individual Entry.

Rural participants must submit their application accompanied by their photo submissions on
or before December 1, 2023 by completing the online form or drop off at McKellar’s Flowers. 
A minimum of 3 residences must be included on a rural neighbourhood team, no limit on rural

  1. Contest is for exterior decorations only, including decorations in windows that are visible
    from the exterior. Judging will be done from outside the residence only.
  2. Judging will be based on “curb appeal” as viewed from the street only. Therefore only
    those decorations visible from the street side of the property will be judged (corner lots will
    be judged from both streets).
  3. Judges will not enter the property to view back or side yards.
  4. Participants agree to have one or more photos of their decorated residence exterior posted
    on the Dresden Shines and Explore Dresden Facebook and Instagram Pages, LightUpCK and
    the website. Participants agree there will be no compensation of any kind for said
    posting or publication. 
  5. Judging criteria will include [a] Unique design and creative use of lights and decorations; [b]
    Overall presentation. 
  6. Dresden Judging will be done from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  on Wednesday December 6,
    2023, Thursday December 7, 2023, Friday, December 8, 2023 or Saturday, December 9, 2023.
  7. Dresden Participants should ensure that all lights, animations and decorations are in place
    and activated for the judging periods on each night.
  8. Entry Number Cards will be provided to each participating team (one number per team) in
    Dresden. These cards must be displayed in a visible location where it can be seen by the
    judges from the street. Individual residences will not receive a Number Card to display in their
    yard, but addresses will be posted online at and clearly indicated on maps
    provided to Judges for reference.
  9. The winning Team will be awarded the BRIGHTER TOGETHER NEIGHBOURHOOD CUP. 
    The winning Individual Entry will be awarded a $50 Gift Card. Judges decisions are final.
  10. All Individual entries submitted online prior to December 1 st , 2023, will be entered into a
    draw to win a $50 gift card.
  11. The Individual submission draw, Team Entry and Individual Entry winners will be
    announced on December 14th at the Four Corners Christmas Tree during the Merry & Bright
    Thursday Nights.