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  • CJ Window Tinting

    Sunbathe your Interior without getting burned! The sun brings a dramatic glow to your treasured living spaces, but it can damage them too. Cj Window Tinting films filter out harmful rays that fade colours, destroy fabrics and cause discomfort by creating “HOT SPOT” Available in many different tints. CJ Window Tinting films ,are the perfect sunscreen for your home or office.. Decorative film for Home or Office!! WHERE THERE IS GLASS, WE CAN IMPROVE IT… With a variety of ¬†DECORATIVE WINDOW FILMS, we have the ability to provide our customers with unique Decorative Solutions…. GREAT BENEFITS FOR DECORATIVE FILMS.. *¬†Decorative film is less expensive than decorative than glass *Decorative film looks like decorative glass *Strengthens the glass, instead of weakening it *Privacy for office buildings or home space(bathroom windows) *Improves the interior design of any space quickly, efficiently, while saving lots of needless expenses.. Sunscape Films offer several comforting benefits read more

  • Agri-Urban

    AUBI was founded in 1974. Since that time, we have become a leader in the design and building of stud wall, post frame, pre-engineered steel buildings, conventional steel buildings, and block buildings, while gaining a reputation for quality and cost efficiencies. AUBI is a company that firmly believes in the future of construction through innovation, internal health and safety teams, virtual reality design solutions and overall new construction techniques and processes. By implementing new ideals into our process of building we can help to guarantee complete satisfaction on every project. Having won industry recognized awards for the excellence in the of pre-engineered structures for the factory and manufacturing plants we continue to add our sectors of construction to our portfolio including long term care facilities and project management. As a member of the Canada Green Building Council we are now involved with the LEED initiative to build green. Contact us read more